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We love storytelling

“In days of old our beds were cold, we told our tales to warm us.” It is time to snuggle up and tell some stories. Everyone has a favourite, one we all know, and the more times we tell them, the more we remember them.


Fairy Tales are important, even more so in this unsettled world, they show us that sometimes things can be a little bit scary, but eventually, if you work hard, pick your self up, brush yourself off, they can be alright in the end. Fairy tales always have a happy ending ... or do they? A tale can be frightening but when told in the safe hands of a storyteller - which might be you -  the walk through the woods, the beast, the wolf, become less perilous, more manageable and even a little exhilarating . 


In the warmth of the castle kitchen the storytellers are preparing for a party of epic proportions. But before they can finish the bunting, the vol-au-vents and the fairy lights, they have a few tales to tell - some well known, some not. Welcome to our kitchen where stories are concocted, tales brewed and jokes are half-baked.


“We celebrate the art of storytelling, bringing the tale to a gathering of people on long winter’s night.“ Dom Phillips, Producer, Bumblefly Theatre

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